Money chain letter. Send-a-dime. Alabama & Texas. US, 1935.

                         Prosperity Club

                    "In   God   We   Trust"

Mrs. W. E. Grimes 908 - 16th Ave.,
                            Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Mrs. J.  R. Dominick - 904 16 th Ave.
                             Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Henry D. Ward  La Fayette Street,
                             Waverly, Alabama
William W. Deal  1905 7 th Street,
                             Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Netagene Alstan  1825 - 4th Street,
                              Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Margaret Bachtel - 2154 West Gram-
                              ercy Place, San
                              Antonio, Texas

                    Hope                Prosperity

  This chain was started with
the hope of bringing prosperity
to you within three days.
  Made five copies of this letter,
leaving out the top name and
address and adding your own
name and address to the bottom
of the list and mail to five of
your friends to whom you
wish prosperity to come.

    In omitting the name of the
person at the top of the list send
that person ten cents wrapped
in paper as a prosperity donation.
In turn, as your name leaves
the top of the list you will
receive 15,625 letters with dona-
tions amouting to $1,562.50.

  is  that  worth  a  dime
  you ?
............................................ page break ..........................

Have the Faith your Friend has
and this chain will not Be Broken.

Hand written letter in dark blue ink. Last sentence written on back of page. Lines preserved. Envelope postmarked on May 22, 1935 in San Antonio, Texas. Addressed to Mr. B. A. Chrisman, 3511 Dayton Blvd., Chattanooga, Tenn./ RedBank. Sic "amouting". Purchased on eBay. Transcribed by DWV, 7/13/2007.


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