Money chain letter. Send-a-Dime (25¢ and 10¢!). Connecticut. US, 1935.

   This letter is sent to you in hope that it will bring you prosperity,
in the belief that your faith in your country is unshaken, with the
Feeling that you will give to charity 10% of your profits.
   $4665.00 is yours for the small sum of 25¢ if you do your share, and
all others keep up the chain as follows:
   Without fail, in three days, make six copies of this letter leaving
off the top name and address, and adding your name at the bottom of
the list.
   Mail the copies to six friends to whom you wish prosperity.  In omit-
ting the top name, send 10¢ to that person, first wrapping the coin in
paper so that it will not slip out of the envelope.
   In turn, as your name leaves the list, you may receive 46,650 letters
each bearing 10¢ or a total of $4665.00, fi the chain remains unbroken.
   Is this worth a few cents, a little time, and a few postage stamps
to you?

       B. Dennis       151 Hartford Ave.        New Britain, Conn.
       L. Gustavson    766 East St.                    "       "
       R. Kronholm     740 Arch St.                    "       "
       D. B. Swift     738 Arch St.                    "       "
       E. Fox          140 Fairview St.                "       "
       J. L. Frechette 48 Manhan St.            Waterbury, Conn.

How's your sporting blood?  This certainly sounds
    crazy, but aren't we all?

Typed on a 5" x 8 " piece of paper. Hand written note at bottom (here in italics). Postmarked in Waterbury, Conn. on May 17, 1935. Addressed to Mrs. Albert Ebner, High Street, Thomaston, Connecticut. Keystrokes preserved. Sic contradictory antes and "fi." Ebay lot no. 2189242925. Provided by the John Bale Book Co. in Waterbury, CT. Entered by DWV on 9/8/03.


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