Money chain letter. Send-a-Dime. "This charm ..." "Be careful to pick friends ..."   US, 1935.

D.R.Reynolds, 803 Kishwaukee St., Rockford, Ill.
Ed.T.Malana, 516 N.Church St., Rockford, Ill.
Evar Lagerhols,121 S.Henrietta Ave., Rockford, Ill.
J.W.Sandera, 2113 W.State St., Rockford, Ill.
R.E.Redin, 2230 Eighth Ave., Rockford, Ill.
P.H.Redin, 307 W.Lake St., Lake Mills, Wisconsin.

                 FAITH      HOPE       CHARITY

This charm was started in the hope of bringing prosperity to you.
Within three days, make five copies of this letter, leaving off
the top name and address, and adding your name and address to the
bottom of the list. Mail or give these copies to five of your
friends to whom you wish prosperity to come. Be careful to pick
friends who understand that in order to benefit, the chain must
remain unbroken through six operative stages, whereby his name
progresses from sixth to first place.

In omitting the top name from the list, send this person 10¢
wrapped  in paper, as a charity donation.
In turn, as your name reaches the top you should receive $1,562.50
Now! Is this worth a dime to you?
Have the faith that your friends had and this charm will not
be broken.

Typed letter on 8½ by 11 unlined paper. Envelope postmarkedd in Lake Mills, Wis. on May 16, 1935. Addressed to N.A. Jasiorkski, 964 West Manitoba St., Milwaukee, Wis. No return address. Keystrokes preserved. No errors. Entered by DWV, 11/16/2020.


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