Money chain letter. Send-a-dime (Prosperity Club). From the Bergrud hoard. US, 1935.

               Prosperity Club

               In God we trust

   Miss Jeanne Paris, 404-5th Street, Bismarck, N. Dak

   Miss Isabel Clark, Captial Commercial College, Bis-
   mark, No. Dak.

   Mr Jimmy Lies Fessenden, No Dak.

   Mr. Marvin O Miller, Fessenden, North Dakota.

   Miss Emma Keiper, Fessenden , North Dakota

   Miss C aroline Billingmierer, Fessenden, North Dak.

   Elma Bergrud, Heimdal, N. Dak.


  This chain was started in the hope of brining you
  prosperity .
  Within three days make five copies of this letter

  leaving off the top name and address and adding

 your oun name and address at the bottom and mail to

five of your friends to whom you wish prosperity to


    Im omitting the top name, send that person ten cents

as a cherity donation.I n turn when your name reaches

the top of the list you will recive 1,625 letters with

donations anounting to $1,562.50.

    Its this worth ten cents to you?

 Have the faith your friends had and this chain will not

be broken.

Typed on 8 by 10.5 inch ruled paper with two double punches in left margin. The last name in the list is written in pencil. Has penciled computations for the progressive calculation of 15,625 on back of paper. Mailed in envelope postmarked May 12, 1935 in Fessenden, N. Dak. Addressed to Miss Elma Bugrud, Heimdal, N. Dak. No return address. Keystrokes preserved including irregular line spacing, ragged left margin and many typos. Sic "brining", "cherity", "captial", "oun", "1,625" for "15,625", "Its" for "Is". Supplied by Russ Hornbacher of Fessenden, ND to D. VanArsdale.

This is one of eight chain letters sent to Miss Elma Burgrud in Heimdal, ND in 1935, the "Bergrud hoard."  These are designated by the letters "br" immediately after the date in the archive file name.


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