Money chain letter. Send-a-Dime. Fill in blanks. Five names. Seattle. US, 1935.

                            PROSPERITY  CLUB
                                                       "In God We Trust"

          NAME                                           ADDRESS
 Clara B. Petry                                1908 - Mill Ave -        Bellingham
Harlan Lindren                               1009 - Lenora   -   So. Bellingham
Mary J. Petry                                  1009 -  Lenora  -   So. Bellingham
Howard Petry                                  7470 -  Corliss Ave.     Seattle
Geo d'Ablaing                                 4706 -  Rose St            Seattle

                                           FAITH   -  HOPE  -  PROSPERITY

                              This chain has been started with the hope of bringing prosperity to you.
Within three days, fill out        five                 copies of this letter,  leaving off the top name and address and
adding your own name and address at the  bottom of the list and mail to     five         of your friends to whom
you wish prosperity.
In omitting the top; name and address send this person      10¢               as a prosperity donation.
In turn when your name leaves the top of the list you may receive   15,625                     letters amounting to
$1562.50               IS THIS WORTH         a dime                     TO YOU?  If so send your   10¢                and
give your copies to friends who will welcome this.
Have the faith your friend has and the chain will not be broken.    Be sure and keep it going and we will get
our share.

Typeset letter with blank areas to fill in: (i) names and addresses, (ii) number of copies to fill out (five), (iii) number to mail (five), (iv) amount to send (10¢), (v) number of letters you may receive (15,625), (vi) "IS THIS WORTH  (a dime) TO YOU," (vii) again, amount you send (10¢). Printed on 5 1/2" by 7 3/16" paper. Addresses and inserted items in black ink, all the same hand. Contained in envelope addressed to Mr. Gerrit d Ablaing, Ellensburg, Wash. / Route 2. No return address. Postmarked in Seattle, Wash., May 10, 1935. Ebay lot 2172518329 closing 5/06/03. From Framing Artistry, Mission Viejo, Ca. Entered by DWV 5/17/03.


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