Money chain letter. Send-a-dime. Waterloo, Iowa.  Standard text. US, 1935.
                                                 PROSPERITY CLUB
                  "IN GOD WE TRUST"

Miss Vivian Strause      502 Commercial Bldg., Waterloo, Iowa
Jim Durand               1143 Williston Ave.   Waterloo, Iowa
Ben Rumbert Mark         317 Wellington St.    Waterloo, Iowa
H. H. Asquith            202 Home Park Blvd.   Waterloo, Iowa
Ferne Kindig             421 West 6th St.,     Waterloo, Iowa
Marcella Roths           1102 Mulberry St.,    Waterloo, Iowa


This chain was started in the hope of bringing prosperity to you.

Within three days make five copies of this letter leaving off the top
name and address and adding your name and address to the bottom and
mail to five of your friends whom you wish prosperity to come.  In
omitting the top name send that person ten cents (10¢) wrapped in
paper as a prosperity prize.

In turn, as your name leaves the top xxx you will receive 15,625
letters with donations amounting to $1,562.50.

Now, is this worth a dime ot you?  Have the faith your friend has and
this chain WILL NOT be broken.....

Typed letter, keystrokes preserved. Envelope postmarked in Waterloo, Iowa on May 6, 1935. Addressed to Mr. Chaire? Culver, Sycamore, Ohio.
Entered by DWV, 9/23/2020.


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