Money chain letter. Send-a-Dime. Texas - Indiana. US, 1935.

Merwin Moore  1661 McGregor  Wichita Falls, Texas
Gene C. Norwill  1608 Garfield St., Wichita Falls, Texas
Mrs. J.M. Elliott  1606 Garfield St.,       "         "         "
Mrs. T. D. Wiley  1209 Filmore St. ,      "         "         "
Mrs. W. D. Grant  2131 1/2 Avenue J.  Wichita Falls, Texas
Wm R. Padgett    Morocco,  Indiana

       Faith         Hope          Charity

  This chain was started in the hope of
bringing prosperity to you.  Mail 5 copies
of this letter leaving off the top name and
address and adding your name and
address at the bottom of the list and
mail to 5 of your friends to whom
you wish to bring prosperity.

    In omitting the top name and
address send that person 10¢ as a
charity donation.  In return as your name
leaves the top you should receive
15,625 letters with donations to

          Now is this worth a dime
to you?

    Have the faith your friends
have and this chain will not be

Hand written in blue ink on 8 1/2 by 11 inch unlined paper. Lines as above. Envelope postmarked May 7, 1935 in Morocco, Indiana. Addressed to C. A. Gramelspacher, Jasper, Ind. Return address: Ross Padgett, Morocco, Indiana. Entered by DWV, 11/10/2008.


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