Money Chain Letter. Send-a-Dime with angel logo. Printed. Kansas. U.S., 1935.

                                          PROSPERITY CLUB
                                                 [logo: winged angel head]

Mrs. Hubert Todd - 517 No. 12 th, Independence, Kansas.
Mrs. E. A. Hibbard - Box 4, Sedan, Kan.
"  D. T. Baker, R.F.D. #1, Liberty, Kan.
" C. H. Jackman R.F.D, #1, Liberty, Kan.
" E. L. Huston 404 E. 9th St. Coffeyville, Kan
Mrs. S. E. Wallace  La Belle. Mo.


   This chain was started in the hope of bringing prosperity to you.
Within three days, make five copies of this letter, leaving off the

top name and address and adding your name and address at the
bottom of the list and mail to five of your friends to whom you wish
prosperity to come.

   In omitting the top name, send the person ten cents (10¢) wrapped
in paper, as a charity donation.

   In turn as your name leaves the top, you should receive 15,625
letters with donations amounting to $1,562.50.

   NOW!  Is this worth a dime to you?

   Have the faith your friend had and this chain will not be broken.

Printed letter on 8.5" x 5.5"  page. Names written in ink - all the same hand. Envelope addressed to Mrs. Walter Batezell (?), La Belle, Missouri. Postmarked in LaBelle on May 7, 1935. Return address: Mrs. S.E. Wallace, La Belle, Mo. Lines preserved. Provided by J. Primm. Ebay lot 2293540638 closing 12/17/04. Entered by DWV on 12/28/04.


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