Luck chain letter (English translation of published Russian). Homily. Seventy two copies. Russia, 1990.

Brothers and sisters!

Unbelief devastates our souls and leads to common perdition, because Evil comes into being from the empty soul, and Evil can only destroy.  Hard ordeals lie ahead unless we achieve support and faith.  Believe in the immortality of our souls and let this belief unite us and give us support and hope. We will not go down our paths twice, but the acts we do will stay in our immortal soul.

Be honest in front of the mirror of your soul, when you examine your deeds in the balance of Good and Evil.  The Evil will diminish but the Good will grow. Don't do Evil in your souls, turn our soul away from Evil and don't pander to Evil, and Evil will fail in the world, but the Good will increase.  Only the kindness and beauty of our souls can save us and this world. Let everyone build the temple in their souls and find God in the temple and let the Good Lord help.

 Who reads this letter is free to choose. He can jest at the letter, curse or tear it and stay to vegetate in his own unbelief, because it's possible to exist without belief, similar to animals. He can pass to others his aspiration to the unity and to the saving, for this he can rewrite the letter 72 times during 36 days and send to different people. He can simply pass it to someone else, not making either an evil nor good effort.

Everyone will be rewarded for his words and deeds and everyone will feel the result after 36 days, this period has been given for reflection.

From:  Luri, V.F. "Holy Chain Letters as a Phenomenon of Traditional Folklore. Russkaia Literatura. 1993. N1: pp.144-149. Translated by Yana Titschenko.


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