Luck chain letter (English translation of published Russian). "Holy Letter." Twenty two copies. Russia, 1990.

Holy Letter
Thank God, thank the Holy Spirit, thank the Virgin! Amen.
A twelve year old boy was ill. He met God on the riverside. God gave him the holy letter and said: "Re-write it twelve times." The boy did this and recovered. One family re-wrote the letter and obtained a great fortune. Another family tore up the letter and came to grief.

Rewrite the letter 22 times and after 30 days you will obtain a great fortune. This is verified. If you will not rewrite it during three weeks, you will obtain a great grief and an incurable illness. This is also verified.  This letter has gone all around the world. It was started in 1936. Pay attention after 36 days.

From:  Luri, V.F. "Holy Chain Letters as a Phenomenon of Traditional Folklore. Russkaia Literatura. 1993. N1: pp.144-149. Translated by Yana Titschenko. My paragraphs.


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