Luck chain letter (English translation of published Russian). Death-Lottery variant.  Twenty copies. Russia, 1989.

This letter will bring good fortune to you! The original is in the Netherlands. The letter was started in 1855. Since then it has been around the world 800 times with but one request: you must send the letter on. Good fortune will come to you.  You do not need to have money - it is impossible to buy good fortune.

Send the letter to someone who needs good fortune or give it to relatives, friends or acquaintances. Do not keep this letter - send 20 copies during 96 hours and wait to see what will happen on the fourth day after sending. Even if you do not believe in witchcraft, you will be convinced of the good fortune which will come to you.

K Doye received the letter and asked his secretary to make copies of it and won 2 million. Employee Burg received the letter and forgot about it, and after some days he lost his job.  Baron Von Villingold received the letter and tore it up. He vanished in an accident. Don't tear the letter under any circumstances, be serious about it.

From:  Luri, V.F. "Holy Chain Letters as a Phenomenon of Traditional Folklore. Russkaia Literatura. 1993. N1: pp.144-149. Translated by Yana Titschenko. My paragraphs.


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