Luck chain letter (English translation from published Polish). St. Anthony's. Twenty copies. Poland, 1983.
St. Anthony's Chain

St. Anthony, pray for us, ask for a benediction for our family and acquaintances. Help us in misfortune, enlighten our young people, give us a preference, that we might stand and never stray from God. St. Antony help us to realize eternal good fortune. Amen.

This chain comes from Brazil and was written to Antony by Nadda who was a missionary of that country.  From that time it has to go around the world.  Please read carefully and make 20 copies [cards] of this letter and after a some days wait you will get a surprise.

Constanta Tito received the letter and her secretary made 20 copies and sent them, and after some days she won 20 million dollars.  Dorota Castro received the chain and made copies also and after some days obtained an excellent job. Marte Arargi received the letter and threw it out, and after some days died.

J. Cizankevich also threw it out and after one month had no authority and no friends. Don't break the chain ever, believe in good fortune. This letter is to be sent within 96 hours.

From:  Bogustaw Beduarek, Literatura Ludowa. 1988. no. 2, p. 27. Translated by Yana Tishchenko. Original was typed. Mailed to Vrotslav.


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