Luck chain letter (published). French, from a "boy who is cancerous." Copy quota nine. France, 1999.
English translation by Jean-Bruno Renard.

This letter has been sent to me and now I send it to you.  Send it to 9 persons you like very much.
This letter is coming from a little boy who is cancerous.  The one who will break that chain will have neither love nor luck.
This little boy accomplishes miracles, a wonderful thing will happen to you within 4 days.
Send the letter without a stamp and write "RF" on the other side of the envelope and you will see what will happen to you within 4 days.
You write this letter 8 times, this one is the seventh.

From Letters to Ambrose Merton, Spring, 2001. "Chain Letter from France" by Jean-Bruno Renard.  Original French text and image of mailing envelope appear there.  Postmarked Sept. 5, 1999 in Herault.  Stamped "CHAINE INADMIS". "RF" written on back flap of envelope. Received by the author's 19 year old daughter. Photocopy of publication supplied by Sandy Hobbs.


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Renard suggests the letter is circulating among young people since the familiar (tu, toi) are used and there are many mistakes in spelling and punctuation. He interprets the text as instructing that the received copy be the seventh one distributed. The postal stamp "CHAINE INADMIS" is used when a chain letter is suspected but the determination is not certain. When certain, the letter is not delivered.