Luck Chain Letter. The Financial Blessings Letter. Twenty copies. US, 2008.

                                                 THE FINANCIAL BLESSINGS LETTER


This is not a chain letter.  It asks for no money, only your participation.  This letter has been sent to you because
someone wants you to receive a financial blessing within four days of receiving this letter, providing that yo
pass it on.  God is asking you to help by blessing others too.

THIS IS NOT A JOKE!   Do not keep, or discard this letter.  It must leave your hands within 96 hors (four
days). Send no money, fate has no price.  Fear not, you will be blessed beyond your dreams.

A United States Air Force Officer received $470,000 after he sent his 20 copies.

John Elliot received over $40,000 but lost it because he broke the sequence.

While in the Philippines, Gene Welch lost his wife 51 days after receiving this letter, which he failed to
circulate.  After circulating his copies he received $7,500,000.

Make 20 copies of this letter and send them.  Who knows what blessings fate has in store for your future.

                                                 SEE WHAT HAPPENS I

You will get a surprise, even if you don't believe in blessings.  Need ideas?  Send to people who send you mail.
If you're bilingual type it in another language and send it to another country.

Whatever you do, don't do any of the following:

Constatine Dias asked his secretary to make 20 copies and mail them.  A few days later his secretary won the
state's lottery for over $2,000,000.

Carlos Daddit, an office employee, received this letter and forgot it had to leave his hands within 96 hours.  He
lost his job.  Later, after finding it again, he mailed 20 copies.  A few days later he got a better job.

A young woman in California received this letter faded and barely readable.  She promised herself she would
retype it, make 20 copies and mali them out.  But she set the project aside to do later.  Soon after that she was
plagued with various problems, including expensive car repairs.
She finally retyped it as she had promised herself and received the ability to buy a new car.

                                       Remember, Send no money.  Do not sign this.  It works!

                                                                          St. Jude

           I don't know what your personal beliefs are, but I believe in blessings from GOD through Jesus
                                                                  Christ, our Lord.

Clean photocopy of typed original. Format preserved.  Obtained in September, 2008.  Entered 1/14/2013 by DWV.


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