Luck chain letter. English (translated Spanish?) & Tagalog. Twenty four copies. U.S., 2004.

A True Child of Mary Can Never be Lost


Tulungan mo po sana kaming maganak
Tulungan mo po kami - - - - - -
Ito ay galing sa isang kaibigan. Tayo ay
manalangin lazi sa mabal na Ina ng
Laging Saklolo. Subukin mo a tapusin mo
at malulutas ang anumang suliranin
at problema.

This letter started in Malolos, Bulacan
and spread it throught out the world.
Just make 24 copies and sent it to your
relatives and friends. You will see the
result. Send within ten days and please

don't laugh because there might be something
that could happen to you.

Mr. Buenaventura has made fun and laughed
at this, he lost his family. After that
he make 24 copies and sent promptly
to his friends.

Mr. Sison in 1975 requested his secretary to
make 24 copies and won million in lottery.

------------------- [page break] -----------------

Mrs. Dela Cruz she prepared 24 copies and
distributed them accordingly. After 10 days
she won the lottery.

Mrs. Bauito forgot about it and was laid
off from work. She prepared 24 copies forgot
to mail the. She was killed in an

Pakuisap tapusin lang sana ang kairilingan
ito sa lovo ng sampung araw. Huivay
sanang ipagtualang bahala.
Manalangin sa "Ina ng Laging Saklolo."
Ito ay katotohanan. Hindi biro.
Tandisn sa loob nang sampung araw
ay mag kakaroon ka ng sorpresa.

Two-sided photocopy of hand written letter. The capitalized second and third lines are printed, the other text is script. Lines preserved. No envelope supplied. Said to have been "received" in the spring of 2004. Supplied by L. Mente (Orland Park, Illinois).  Ebay lot 5546267687 closing 1/03/2005. Entered by DWV, 1/7/05. Ignorance of Tagalog has made accurate transcription unlikely. Photocopy will be supplied for corrections. Translation appreciated. Related letter: le1984-05_mx_tagalog_q24 .


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