Luck chain letter (published). Romance Game classroom note. Copy quota 7, deadline 7 days. US, 1998.

Dear Liz,

You touched this letter so you have to keep it! Send this to 7
people, no boys. Within 5 days this task must be completed. On
the 5th day drink 5 glasses of water and say your crush's name
or the name of some one you love very much. By the 11th day your
crush will ask you out or say "I [heart sign] U." This game has been
played since 1887. It has worked for many people for many years.
from Jessica
P.S. You can't give it to the original person.
Good luck & Don't forget to try.

From Letters to Ambrose Merten, no. 13, March 1998.  "Adolescent Female Chain Letters" by Bill Ellis. Paper passed in Catholic School to 14 year old girl.


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