Luck chain letter.  Death-Lottery type. "It really works." Love - Car. St. Jude trailer. Rewritten. US, 1997?


   This letter is sent to you for good luck. It comes from England and
has gone around the world nine times. Luck has now come to you. You
will have luck in less than four days counting the day this letter is
received. This letter is your destiny and its your turn to return it.
This is not a joke. You will have luck through the mail. Do not send
money  but copies of this letter to people who need luck. Do not send
any money, as faith has no price. Do not keep this letter it must
leave you  in ninety six hours (4days)
  An officer to the Royal Mounted Police received $410,000. Joe Elliot
received 40,000,  but lost it since he broke the chain while in the
Philippines, Gene Welch lost her husband 51 days after receiving the
letter she did not circulate it. But before he died she had received
$275,000. Please send the copies and observe what will happen in four
  The chain comes from Venezuela and was written by  Soul Anthony de
Group, a missionary in South Africa. This letter must go around the
world. That is why you must make TWENTY copies and send them to
friends and colleagues after a few days you will have a surprise.
  This is true (even if you are not superstitious). Please note what
follows: Constantine Blar received this letter in 1953. He asked his
secretary to make twenty copies and send them. A few days later he
wins the jackpot of 2,000,000. Cadi Doddit an officer employee
received this letter but forgot that he ahd to circulate it in 96
hours he lost his job, he found the letter and sent 20 copies, a few
hours later he found new employment better than the last one. Colon
Fairchild received this letter and not believing in it threw it in the
garbage, nine days later she died.
  In 1987 a young Californian received this letter noticing that it
was almost illegible promised herself that she would rewrite it with
the typewriter. Any how she left it aside. She was involved in
different problems, and was confronted with an invoice for unforeseen
repairs to her vehicle. Finally, she acted on her promise and sent 20
copies. A while later she received a new car.

                     DO NOT FORGER__DO NOT SEND MONEY
                     DO NOT IGNORE THIS LETTER
                     IT REALLY WORKS
                                             SAINT JUDE

Do not identify yourself, this letter must remain anonymous.

Late generation photocopy of typed original. Slight cutting on left margin. Several characters redrawn on right margin. Undated, but received by D. VanArsdale 3/97, with enclosed St. Jude cards (in response to a solicitation for chain letters). Keystrokes preserved.  Major (and poor) rewriting.


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