Luck chain letter (classroom note). Romance Game. Four copies. US, 1992.

Muho [?] This is a love tip.  Its a game
    of romance since 1817 .  Copy this letter (by hand)
    and give it or send it to four friends (no men)
    within 4 days. This in no joke!  It has worked
    for years.  On the 4th day, drink a glass of
    milk and say his name 5 times.  Within four
   days he will tell you he likes you or ask you
   out. If you break this chain, you'll have
   bad luck forever.  This starts after you
   finish reading this letter.
                                   Good Luck!!


Intercepted classroom note. Printed on a half page of lined paper. Water damage obscures first word, probably a name. Lines preserved. Obtained by Michael Preston from his niece.


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