Luck chain letter with 48 attached memos. The "Media chain letter." US, 1990-1992.
For an explanation of the transcripts see the documentation at bottom of this page.


This letter originated in the Netherlands, and has been passed around the
 world at least 20 times, bringing good luck to everyone who passed it on. The
one who breaks the chain will have bad luck. DO NOT KEEP THIS LETTER.
Do not send money. Just have a wonderful efficient secretary make four
additional copies and send it to five of your friends to whom you wish good
luck. You will see that something good happens to you four days from now if
the chain is not broken. This is not a joke. You will receive good luck in four
[bh, #1, my #0]

[................................................. attached letters ....................................................]
1. June 14, 1990. From Pierre Salinger. Letterhead: illegible - truncated.
Copies to: Herb Caen, Art Buchwald, Philippe Labro, Edmund Reggie, Smith Bagley.
Memo: Having received this letter on my 65th birthday, I have no choice but to send it on as ordered. I am getting too old to take a chance of breaking the chain. Have good luck, Pierre   [bh, #2]

2. October 8?, 1990. From Jane Fonda. Letterhead: Jane Fonda.
Copies to: Paula Weinstein, Frank Wells, Michael Ovitz, Melanie Griffith, Stephen Rivers.
Memo: I'll do anything out of fear. Jane   [bh, #3]

3. No date. From Goldie Hawn. Letterhead: Walt Disney Pictures.
Copies to: Shawn Randall, Barbara Robertson¹, Gail Strickland, Gina Trikonis, Judy Haite.
Memo: ICK!!!  DON'T HATE ME!!!  Goldie Hawn.     [bh, #21]

4. No date. From Bee. Letterhead: illegible.
Copies to: Marianne Tatasciore, Barbara Sinatra, Dinah Shore, Cyd Charisse¹, Ann Douglas.
Memo: Thank God for five friends who are also a bit crazy!! Love, Bee    [bh, #28]

5. No date. From Cyd Charisse. Letterhead: Cyd Charisse.
Copies to: Robert Sidney [?], Virginia [?], Kristine [?], Jayne [?], Georgiana [?]
Memo: Yes! I know it is silly! I owe you, Love Cyd    [bh, #27]

6. No date. From Georgie.
Copies to: Jane Powell Moore, Sandra Miller, Barbara Rickles, Kathy Offenhauser, Loni Anderson Reynolds.
Memo: With this luck and some prayers, we should be in good shape. Love, Georgie     [bh, #26]

7. No date. From unknown. Letterhead: illegible.
Copies to: Anne Kaplin, Peggy Grossman¹, Anne Haigh, Philis Dominick, Jeff Burkhart
Memo: Why me? And now why you?    [bh, #24]

8. March 21, 1991. From Sally Field. Letterhead: Fogwood Films.
Copies to: Diana Levinson, Mary Ellen Zemekis, Kathy Kennedy, Lynne Cohen, Handa Ruddy.
Memo: I hate chain letters, but if this can bring us all a bit of good luck, why not? We certainly could use some!! Judy    [bh]

9. April 9, 1991. From Peggy Grossman.
Copies to: Kathinka Tunney, Ann Hand, Janet Leigh Brandt¹, Mariel Hemingway Crisman, Joyce Flaherty
Memo: Sorry! I can't afford anymore bad luck. Peggy   [bh, #30 or 36]

10. No date. From Fawn [?].
Copies to: Chevy Chase, Tom Rothman, Scott Berg, Bill Conti, Alan Bergman.
Memo: Do you need this as much as I do?!!!  Hope it helps. Fawn [?]   [#15 above #14]

11. No date. From Dolly Parton. Letterhead: Straight Talk, Hollywood Pictures. Chicago, Ill 60644.
Copies to: Sandy Galin, Nan Leonard, Jerold Rubinstein, James Woods, David Blair.
Memo: Pass the luck and lots of luck! Love, Dolly   [bh, #2?]

12. No date. From Sandy Gallin. Letterhead: Gallin-Morey Associates, Los Angeles, CA 90060.
Copies to: Michael Eisner, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Ricardo Mestres, David Hoberman, Donald DeLine.
Memo: I'm Very Superstitious! Sandy   [bh, #16?]

13. September 25 ?, 1991. From Jeffrey Katzenberg. Letterhead: The Walt Disney Studios.
Copies to: Bette Midler, Don Simpson, Jack [?], Lang Mork, Steven Spielberg
Memo: Who am I not to believe? Jeff  9/91.   [bh, #1]

14. October 29, 1991. From Bette Midler. Letterhead: Bette Midler
Copies to: David Zucker, Jerry Zucker, Jim Abrams, Arthur Miller, Francis Ford Coppola
Memo: Illegible.   [bh, #1?]

15. November 6, 1991. From Arthur Miller?. Letterhead: Universal Studios, Universal City, CA.
Copies to: Carl Reiner, Robert Jones, Norman Jewison, Mel Shavelson, Ernest Lehman¹
Memo: When your good luck comes in four days feel free to send me an apology for the thoughts you're having about me now! Arthur   [bh, #?]

16. November 16, 1991. From Ernest Lehman. Letterhead: Ernest Lehman, Los Angeles, CA 90049.
Copies to: Larry Gelbart, Sam Goldwyn Jr., Clifford Irving, Larry Turman, Dick Carroll
Memo: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know... Who needs it?  You need it. That's who needs it. Four days from now, you'll thank me.
You're welcome. Ernie   [bh, #?]

17. No date: From: illegible signature.
Copies to: Julie Bergman, Anthea Sylbert, Barry Hirsch, Murray Neidorf, Michael Neidorf.
Memo: When you think of who sent this to you, don't blame me. If good luck comes to you, I want all the credit!
[illegible signature]    [bh, #13]

18. January 9, 1992. From Anthea Sylbert. Letterhead: The Hawn/Sylbert Movie Co., Burbank, CA 91521.
Copies to: Dawn Steel, Susan Landau, Tina Nides¹, Kathryn Galan, Jay Stern.
Memo: You never know! Better safe than,
Sorry, Anthea   [bh]

19. January 14, 1992. From Tina Nides. Letterhead: Creative Artists Agency, Inc., Literary and Talent Agency, Beverly Hills, CA.
Copies to: Kevin McCormick, Lois Bordiglio, Amy Bookman, Bob Benedetti, Richard Baskin.
Memo: We could all use as much good luck as we can get! Best, Tina   [bh, #11]

20. January 31, 1992. From Richard Baskin?. Letterhead: morrow heus productions [?]
Copies to: Judy Garland, Ben Mittleman, Fred Savage, Stephen Stept, Jeff Wachtel.
Memo: Hollywood loves ya, babe. Sorry but who are we to break the chain? All the Best, Richard   [bh]

21. February 11, 1992. From Ben Mittleman. Letterhead: Ben Mittleman, Los Angeles, CA 90048
Copies to: Bruce Hickey, Robert Picardo¹, Ruben Preuss, John Shaner, Yale Udoff.
Memo: What can I tell ya? It's time for a change of luck. I'll share mine and make it up to you guys. Who loves you baby? Ben

22. February 22, 1992. From Robert Picardo. Letterhead: [truncated], La Cañada, CA.
Copies to Joe Pantoliano, Reed Birney, Gordsa Bendall, Michael Boatman, Jonathan Howard.
Memo: Time to buy that XEROX machine. Sorry, but the guy who sent me this closed a big deal right after . In a recession, you hedge your bets. Bob   [bh]

23. February 27, 1992. From Joey Pantoliano. Letterhead: Jerseyjo, Inc., Los Angeles, CA 90064.
Copies to: John Davis, Brad Ross, Andy Garcia¹, Nick Nele, Howard Goldberg.
Memo: The last time I threw one of these away, I was in traction for a week. Joey Pantoliano   [bh]

24. March 13, 1992. From Andy Garcia. Letterhead: CineSon, % Paramount Pictures. Hollywood, CA 90038.
Copies to: Phyllis Carlyle, Waldemar Kalinowski, Anahid Nazarian, Clifford Stevens, Richard Wenk
Memo: Joey Pants sent me this, and just had a baby girl! All the best, Andy Garcia.   [bh, #5]

25. March 18, 1992. From Clifford Stevens. Letterhead: Clifford Stevens, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.
Copies to: Rick Jacobs, Ellen Krass, Richard Schmenner, Campbell Scott, Helen Sugland.
Memo: I hope you're still talking to me after you receive this. Anyway, you're in good company! Clifford   [bh, #4]

26. March 23, 1992. From Richard Schmenner. Letterhead: Representation Ltd., Talent Agency, New York 10106 and Beverly Hills, CA 90210.
Copies to: Peter Neufeld, Bill Rosenfield, Daniel Swee, Juliet Taylor, Rosemarie Tichler.
Memo: I broke this chain once and haven't had any luck since! Besides it's a living six degrees of separation. Best wishes, Richard   [bh]

27. March 30, 1992. From Rosemarie Tichler. Letterhead: illegible . . . New York Shakespeare Festival
Copies to: Larry Kramer, Lucy Loosemore, Susan Rice, Brian Riordan, Joanna Ross.
Re: A chain letter and the powers of the Great Unknown.
Memo: Don't hate me....  This will be good for you! Rosemarie   [bh, #33]

28. April 7, 1992. From Brian Riordan. Letterhead: J. Michael Bloom and Associates, Talent Agency, New York, NY 10003 and Los Angeles, CA 90069.
Copies to: Mary Colquhoun, Donna Isaacson¹, Ellen Lewis, Brian Siborell, Marilyn Szatmaly.
Memo: If I suffer, we all suffer. We are in good company.  Best, Brian   [bh, #3?]

29. May 2, 1992. From Donna Isaacson. Letterhead: Donna Isaacson, Ltd. New York, NY 10011.
Copies to: Alisad Adler, Kathie Berlin, Alexa Fogel, Barbara Gale¹, Nancy Nayor.
Memo: They always say we're in good company...what do you think? Best, Donna.   [bh, #31?]

30. No date. From B?. Letterhead: Anasazi Productions, Hollywood, CA 90038.
Copies to: Michelle Manning, P.P.C., Gregg Homer Esq., Barry Morrow/Richard Heus, Steve Bersh, P.P.C., Bob Sulnick  A.O.C.
Memo: Forgive me. I've never done this before. I' never do it again (unless it works). B?   [bh]

31. May 15, 1992. From Jack Grossbart. Letterhead: Grossbart  Barnett Productions, Studio City, CA.
Copies to: Michael Filerman, Joel Thurm, Pat Lee, Fred Westheimer, Karen Moore.
Memo: Good Luck! Best, Jack   [bh, #?]

32. May 21, 1992. From Fred Westheimer. Letterhead: William Morris Agency, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.
Copies to: Ron Meyer, Adrian Dunbar, Kay Jurado, Jessica Forde, Gavin ** B*****¹.
Memo: I did this last year and received $150,000.00 in the mail the next day. Fred   [bh]

33. May 27, 1992. From: Gavin D* B*****. Letterhead: Gavin ** B***** Incorporated, Studio City, CA 91604.
Copies to: Carrie Fisher, Gary Kress, Tom Lassally, Stacey Snider, Peter Benedek.
Memo: As I looked through these copies, I realized it's no surprise that the entertainment business is in such trouble. This group could have produced eight movies in the time it's taken to play this superstitious game. Of course, look who's talking - G
Letter stamped "Confidential."   [bh, #38?]

34. June  4, 1992.  From Peter Benedek. Letterhead: United Talent Agency, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.
Copies to: Steve Kloves, Billy Finkelstein, Arthur Spivak, Michael Nathanson, Peter Horton.
Memo: We all need some!   [bh, #36]

35. July 5, 1992. From Ilene Kristen.
Copies to: Gordon McLennan, Haile Williams, Ada Marie Cordes, Jane Look of Sky, Mary Blake.
Memo: "Transmute all failure into success, lack into plenty, and discord into peace" Florence Sh. All my best, Ilene   [bh]

36. July 8, 1992. From Mary Blake. Letterhead: Sunrider, Radiant Health, New York, NY 10023.
Copies to: Faridi McFree, Alma Davies, Shirley Gaisford, Ruth Miles¹, Bruce VanCott.
Memo: Success is in the heart and soul of the player... Failure is in the mind of the loser. Why not win together! Love 'n Light, Mary.   [bh, #?]

37. July 13, 1992. From Ruth Miles. Letterhead: Ruth Miles Productions, New York, NY 10028.
Copies to: C. Gesselin, N. Phillips Jr., A. Phillips, N. Phillips, S. Carter.
Memo: Dear Ones, You've got t feel it to heal it........ Love, Ruth Miles   [bh]

38. No date: From Carolina. Letterhead: Umaya Art and Healing, Area code 212.
Copies to: Roxanne Gupta, Frank Shiffreen, Nolan Scott Baer, March Gordon, Dawn Harris
Memo: My desire is that we all use our Gifts from God to heal all the wounded hearts. We all deserve Paradise if that's what we want. Good Luck to Mankind. Love Carolina.   [bh,?]

39. July 31, 1992. From Frank Shiffreen. Letterhead: [illegible], New York 10012
Copies to: David Channon¹, Nancy Clark, Andrea Hunt, Pamela Stockwell, Bob Seefeld.
Memo: I will not say what was already said and neither will you. I've never answered one of these things before. I'm taking a deep breath, letting it out slowly, and thinking how much I  love you. lets walk, Frank   [bh]

40. August 11, 1992. From Dave Channon & Ina Kessler.
Copies to: Peter Max, Ron Knight, Anthony Wong, Richard and Sonya Norman
Memo: Success = Talent + Dumb Luck. Well, we already have talent, we're due for some luck and Dave says chain letters are dumb, so, (Gulp!) here we go......... Ina & Dave   [bh]

41. September 16, 1992. From Ron Knight. Letterhead: Ron Knight, Media & Communications. New York, NY 10012.
Copies to: Marge Woods, GT Cooper, Billy Cobin, Joe Kwong.
Memo: THIS is the kind of luck we get?!#  PS. Piss someone off. Send it right back to them. But not me. Please. Love heals all - Ron   [bh]

42. September 22, 1992. From Joe von Kwong. Letterhead:  Colossal Pictures, San Francisco, CA 94105.
Copies to: Sarah Bowman, Lynn Kirby, Dean Rohrer, Richard Sakai, John Sanborne.
Memo: A chain letter is the Western Hemisphere's inorganic version of Karma. What goes round...comes back postage due. May the Farce be with you! Joe von Kwong   [bh]

43. September 29, 1992. From: Lynne Kirby. Letterhead: Independent Television Service, St. Paul, Minnesota 55101.
Copies to: Terence Taylor, Denise Frost, Gary Stella, James Schamus, Florence Dauman.
Memo: Well, I've just had the bad luck and I'm in no mood to quarrel with Fortuna. Peace.   [bh]

44. October 5, 1992. From Gary Stella.
Copies to: Michael Fusske, Andrew Jebb, Marisa Johnston, Sue Lagudis, Laurie Scheer.
Memo: This is totally bogus and politically unfriendly to trees but I'm in no mood.

45. October 12, 1992. From Susana Lagudis. Letterhead: Memorandum, Talent & Development.
Copies to: Kelly Cole, Cathie Trotta, Alex Duda, Peter Facer, Robin Radzinski
Memo: I agree with Gary, it's totally bogus, but I'm in no mood either. I sure need the good luck, but who can afford the $2.00 postage? This one comes to you via inter-office mail!

46. October 15, 1992. From Cathie Trotta. Letterhead: Entertainment Television.
Copies to: Peggy Pentecost, Maryann Papes-Carmichael, Cathy Lees, Cathy Lehrfeld, Stacia Brigham.
Memo: I know, I know, not another one of these. But who better than friends and family when it comes to doling out good luck...

47. October 26, 1992. From Cathy Lehrfeld. Letterhead: Group W Satellite Communications, New York, NY 10017.
Copies to: Fred Tatashore, Lynne Gaines, Lindajo Loftus¹, Barbara Sarubbi, Karen Reynolds
Re: This'll only hurt a little . . .
Memo: Remember that song, "Cruel to Be Kind?" Yes, someday you'll thank me for this! Cathy

48. October 29, 1992. From Lindajo Loftus. Letterhead: Roskin-Friedman Associates, Inc. Public Relations. Los Angeles, CA 90048.
Copies to: Heather Gifford, Lenore Marcus, John Leasure, Diane Blackman, David Thomas.
Memo: What do we have to lose!!!

Stack of photocopied letters in response to receipt of brief chain letter at bottom of stack. Chain letter text was originally produced by a word processor - variable character width and right justified. First letter in stack was newest (10/29/92), last was oldest (6/14/1990), but there are gaps. Seller arranged in likely chronological order (newest first in stack).

DWV reversed stack and numbered letters 0-48 with green ink. Most of the letters have corrupted images of punches for a three-ring binder. This presence is indicated by "bh" in the terminal brackets. Many of the letters have handwritten numbers (often illegible) in the lower right corner, indicating these were previously ordered differently. These numbers are placed in square brackets after the letter. Each letter was sent to five listed recipients. A superscript "1" after a name means that this name was checked, underlined or circled by a secretary and the letter was placed in an envelope with the same name as an address. Thus if a complete sequence of letters were present, the checked name would always be the next recipient in the stack. Italic font above indicates handwriting.

Ebay lot 7579913630 closing 1/15/2006. Provided by Andrea Howlett. Entered 1/20/2006 by DWV.


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