Luck chain letter. The "Media chain letter." With 37 attached memos starting with Pierre Salinger and Art Buchwald. US, 1990.
This letter originated in the Netherlands, and has been passed around the
world at least 20 times, bringing good luck to everyone who passed it on.
The one who breaks the chain will have bad luck.  DO NOT KEEP THIS
LETTER. Do not send money.  Just have a wonderful efficient secretary
make four additional copies and send it to five of your friends to whom you
wish good luck. You will see that something good happens to you four days
from now if the chain is not broken. This is not a joke. You will receive
good luck in four days.

June 14, 1990, From: Pierre Salinger  To: Herb Caen, Art Buchwald, Philippe Labro, Edmund Reggie, Smith Bagley
Having received this letter on my 65th birthday, I have no choice but to send it on as ordered. I am getting too old to take a chance of breaking the chain.
Have good luck   Pierre

June 25, 1990, From: Art Buchwald  To: Eppie Lederer, Helen Gurley Brown, Mary Hadar, Diana Walker, Kay Graham
I have been asked to send this chain letter on to my five dearest friends. This is the best sex I ever had. The last person to break this chain was seated next to Morton Downey, Jr. at her next dinner party.  Art

October 8, 1990. From: Jane Fonda   To: Paula Weinstein, Frank Wells, Michael Ovitz, Melanie Griffith, Stephen Rivers
I'll do anything out of fear.  Jane

Undated.  From: Illegible   To: Michael Eisner, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Ricardo Mestres, David Hoverman, Donald De Line
I'm Very Superstitious!  Judy (?)

Undated. From Michael D. Eisner  To: Judy Ovitz. Kathy Clecchi, Lily Tartikoff, Jane Eisner, Susan Miller
So there!! Michael

July 25, ?. From: Jeffrey Katzenberg   To: Bette Midler, OJ Simpson, Jack ?, Larry Mark, Steven Spielberg
Who am I not to believe?  Jeffrey

Undated.  From Dolly Parton   To: Sandy Galin, Nan Leonard, Jerold Rubinstein, James Woods, David Blair
Pass the luck and lots of luck! Love, Dolly

March 21, 1991. From Sally Field   To: David Geffen, Whoopi Goldberg, Goldie Hawn, Pat Kingsley, Laura Moskowitz
I don't believe in this, but just in case...

Undated.  From Goldie Hawn.  To: Shawn Randall, Barbara Robertson, Gail Strickland, Gina Trikonis, Judy Wait
Ick!!! Don't hate me!!!

November 6, 1991.  From Arthur Hiller.  To: Carl Reiner, Robert Jones, Norman Jewison, Mel Shavelson, Ernest Lehman
When your good luck comes in four days feel free to send me an apology for the thoughts you're having about me now!  Arthur

November 16, 1991.  From Ernest Lehman.  To:: Larry Gelbarat, Sam Goldwyn Jr., Clifford Irving, Larry Turman, Dick Carroll
Yeah, yeah, year, I know...Who needs it? You need it. That's who needs it. Four days from now, you'll thank me. You're welcome.  Ernie.

November 221, 1991.  From Samuel Goldwyn, Jr.  To: Chevy Chase, Tom Rothman, Scpott Berg, Beil Cponti, Alan Bergman
Do you need this as much as I do?!!!  Hope it helps.  Sam

Undated.  From Alan Bergman.  To: Jim Degiovanni, Quincy Jones, Sydney Pollack, Mark Roenerg, Mark Rydell
Lotsa luck to you in 1992!  Alan

Undated.  From Mark Rosenberg.  To Julie Bergman, Anthea Sylbert, Barry Hirsch, Murray Neidort, Michael Neidorf
When you think of who sent this to you, don't blame me. If good luck comes to you, I want all the credit! Mark

January 9, 1992.  From Anthea Sylbert (The Hawn/Sylbert Movie Co.).  To: Dawn Steel, Susan Landau, Tina Nides, Kathryn Galan, Jay Stern
You never know!  Better safe than,
Sorry, Anthea

January 14, 1992.  From Tina Nides.  To: Kevin  McCormick, Lois Bonfigliol, Amy Bookman, Bob Benedetti, Richard Baskin
We could all use as much good luck as we can get!!  Tina

January 31, 1992.  From Richard Baskin.  To: Judy Garland, Ben Mittleman, Fred Savage, Stephen Stept, Jeff Wachtel
Hollywood loves ya, babe. Sorry, but who are we to break the chain?   All the best,  Richard

and twenty more memo's - none with any names I recognized.  The last was dated September 8, 1992.

Thirty seven pages of memos on letterhead stationery - a few hand printed on plain paper. Usually signed with first name only. Memos are not all sequential - there are gaps and some undated ones are out of order. Some evidence that memos from another letter sequence have been inserted. There is no way to verify that any of the named celebrities above actually participated in this chain letter. Purchased on eBay during 12/2013. Said to be from a Beverly Hills estate. Entered by DWV, 1-22-2014.


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