Luck chain letter. Death-Lottery type. "It works." Mt. 21:22 title ("Belief"). "Constantine Xus". US, 1982.

                   "And all things, whatsoever
                     ye shall ask in prayer,
                     believeing, ye shall receive."
                         (Matthew 21:22)

This quote has been sent to you for good luck. The original is
from the Netherlands. It has been around the world 9 times.
The luck has now been brought to YOU. You will receive good luck
within 6 days of receiving this letter, provided you, in return,
send it back out. THIS IS NO JOKE. You will receive it in the mail.
Send copies of this letter to people you think need good luck.
Do not send money, for fate has no price tag on it. DO NOT KEEP THIS
LETTER. It must leave your hand 96 hours after you receive it.
An R.A.F. officer received $70,000.00 after he sent his letters
out.Joe Elliot received $650,000.00 and lost it because he broke
the chain. While in the Phillippines, General Welch lost his
life 6 days after he recieved this letter. He failed to circulate
this quote. However, before his death, he received $75,000.00.
Please send 20 copies of this letter and see what happens to you
on the sixth day. This chain comes from Venezuela and was written
by Saul Anthony DeVoid, a missionary from South America. I, myself,
forwarded this to you. But it is sent anonymous to you. Since this
chain makes a tour of the world, you must make 20 identical copies,
send it to your friends, relatives, and associates. After a few days,
you will get a surprise.This is true even if you are not superstitious.

Take note of the following:

Constantine Xus received the chain in 1959. He asked his secretary
to make 20 copies and send them out. After a few days he won the
lottery for $2,000,000.00 in his country. Carol Naditt, an officer
employee, received the chain and forgot about it. A few days later
he lost his job. He found the chain letter and sent it out to 20
people the next day. Five days later he got an even better job.

For no reason should this chain be broken.

Remember, send no money... Please do not ignore it. It works.

                             A Friend

Photocopy of typed original. No envelope. Annotated "1982" on upper right. Keystrokes preserved. Sic "beleaveing", "out.Joe", "surprise.This". Provided by Wally Williams. Entered by DWV on 12/22/03.


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