Luck chain letter. Brill Bldg. (parody of Death-Lottery). Celebrity names. US 1979.

                              OR SERIES, ORWWHATEVER . . . OR BE A HIT YOURSELF.)

    This prayer has been sent to you for good luck. The original copy came from the Brill Building. It has been down Highway 61 and Route 66, around the world via jet air and sublicensed in allterritories. THE LUCK HAS BEEN SENT TO YOU!! You obviously need it. You are to receive Good Luck within four working days after recieving this letter, unless stipulated in section 6, paragraph "A". This is NO JOKE!!! Your Good Luck is in the mail.
    Send twenty copies of this letter to people you know who can use a bit of luck. Please do not send money: Promotional records are O.K. Do not place this letter in your out file for your secretary to take care of after she does her nails. It must leave within (96) ninety-six hours after you recieve it. Add your name to the bottom of the list (professional names are acceptable) and leave off the name at the top of the list when recopying this list. You may ad information about what happened to you if you ever recieved this letter before- NO HYPES PLEASE!- a Good Luck.


Col Tom Parker recieved this chain in 1953, and asked his valet to make 24 copies and send them along with a bill of services rendered. One week later he discovered Elvis and Olive Davis. A record executive recieved the chain and lost it among his Bar Mitzvah bills. Five days later his office was dismantled. He found the chain while writing his novel, sent out fifty copies and got a better job and a suspended sentence. Pamela Pelland recieved the chain but was too busy meditating. Five days later her record was released. Richard Neely recieved the letter and was asked to revise the remixing of a top Disco hit. He found the PAST DUE chain in a script and never got credit on the album. Twenty copies later, he bought the script. Neil Bogart recieved it, sent out twenty copies in unstamped envelopes and the very next week sat down on a piece of discarded bublegum. David Geffen recieved the chain by opening someone elses mail and faithfully followed the instructions to a "T" and was rewarded a promotion from mail boy to mail secretary. He recieved the chain again in '74, this time he was too busy to bother with it. Five days later he met Irving Azoff. Helen Reddy recieved the chain but could only afford to send out ten copies. The next week she met Jeff Vale ... you figure it out. Roger Steffens apologizes for the banality, has no idea whether this is for 'real' and is too chickenshit to break the chain. Because I love and trust Bryan, and because, what the hell,it can't hurt, Big Mac sends it on. See ski see. Two years PAST DUE he sends it to you. (Anybody need a mail secretary?)

STEEVE LEEDS              Tom Shetter                    Bob Cohen
Beth Rosengard                Linda Ronstadt              Bonnie Bedelia
Gina Erlich                         Kim Vaughn                   Bryan O'Byrne
Caneace Azzara                 Barbara Hicksen           Chistopher McDonald
Richard Chemel                Johnny Wials                  Carol Cappello
Julie Phillips                      Bud Court                       Godmother Productions
M.A. Kasica Scheff          Joseph Bottoms              Windhover Prod.
T.E. KAlem                       Coleen Camp                  Jim Frawley
Barbara Malin                  Jodie Mann                     Eddie Baskin
Rick Dreyfuss                  Roger Steffens                Jacob Brackman
Susan Branin                    Lynn Bernfield                Steve Tesich
Elizabeth Levitt                Mike Nichols                Garry Rybar
Bob Brewnstein                Lanny Myers

Typed, some ink cross outs. Paragraphs preserved.  Sic run-ons.  Collected by W.F. Hansen, Bloomington IN, 1979-80.


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