Luck chain letter. Death-Lottery type. Handwritten, no list. US, 1978.

Trust in The Lord with all your heart and he will acknowledge
and he will light the way. This prayer is sent to you
for good luck. The original copy is from the Netherlands.
It has been around the world nine times. The luck has
been brought to you. You are to recieve this luck
within four days of recieving this letter. This is no joke
You will recieve it in four days the mail.
Send copies of this letter to people you think need
good luck. Dont send money. Do not keep this letter. It must
leave you with in 96 hrs. after you recieve. An
AAA officer recieved $70,000, Don Elliot recieved
60,000, but lost it because he broke the chain.
While in the Phillipines General Wolch lost his life six
days after he recieved the letter. He failed to circulate
the prayer. However before his death he recieved $775.000.
Please send 20 copies and see what happens to you
the fourth day. This chain comes from, Venezuela and
was written by St. Antony de Calif. a missionary from
South America since this chain must make a tour of our
world, you must have 20 copies identical to this one,
and send them to your friends, parents, and
aquaintances. After a few days you will get a surprise.
This is true even if you are not superstituous.
Take time to note the following . . . . He asked
  Conscantions Diaz recieved the chain in 1955 his
secretary to make 20 copies and send them.
A few days later he won a lottery of two million dollars
in his country. Carol Credirt an office employee
recieved the chain. He forgot it, and in a few
days he lost his job. He found the chain and
sent it to 20 people. Five days later he found
a better job. Caren Wichile recieved the chain,
and not believing it he threw it away, nine
days later he died. For no reason what so
ever should this chain be broken.
Blue letter copy (mimeograph?) of handwritten letter. Lines preserved. Sic "superstituous". The "He asked" prior to "Conscantions Diaz" apparently was miscopied from a prior version that placed "He asked"  between "1955" and "his" on the line below. Letter received by VanArsdale, April, 1978 in Oxnard, CA.


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