Luck chain letter. Lottery-Death type. "Write F.G.G.E."  US, 1977.

                                                Think  a  Prayer

Trust in the Lord with all your hart and he will acknowledge and he will light the way. This prayer has been sent to you for good luck. The original copy is from The Netherland. It has been around the world nine times. The luck has been sent to you. You are to receive good luck within four days after receiving This letter it is no joke. You will receive it in the mail. send 20 copies of this letter to people you think need good luck.  Please do not send money: do not keep this letter. it is to leave you with in 96 hours after you receive it. A U.S. officer received $7,000. Tom Elolleot received $60,000 but six days after he received this letter for he faild to circulate the prayer. however before his death he received $15,000 which he won.
Please send copies and see what happens on the fourth day after.
This chain came from Zenezuela and was written by St. Antonia De Cadin, Missionary from South Africa. since The Chain must tour the world, you must mail 20 copies identical to this one and send it to your Friends parents and acquaintances, and after a few days you will get a surprise. This is true even if you are supersticous. take notice of the following: Constanse Dias received the Chain in 1955 she asked her secretary to make 20 copies -----

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and send them. a few days later she Won the lottery of $2 Million in her Country Charles Brent an officer received the Chain, he forgot to send it and lost it. After a few days later he lost his job. Brian Barabiaila received the Chain not beleaving in it he throw it away. Nine days later he died. for no reason should this Chain be broken
Write F.G.G.E on the upper corner of the envelopes next to the stamp when you send it.

[Envelope: F.G.G.E. in upper left.]

Handwritten letter on two sheets of standard size paper.  Contained in envelope postmarked Lexington, KY, June 8, 1977. No return address; at upper left corner is printed  "F.G.G.E." as per letter instruction. Addressed to Mrs. David Moore in Lexington. Sic "hart", "Zenezuela", "Netherland", "faild",  "supersticous", "beleaving".  Collected by William Hansen of Bloomington, IN. Paragraphing preserved. Original has 44 lines.


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