Luck chain letter.  Death20 type. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart ..."  US, 1977.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and he will acknowledge and light your way.
This prayer has been sent to you for good luck. The original copy came from the Netherlands. Send 20 copies of this letter to whom you think needs good luck. Do not send money. Do not keep the letter. It must leave you within 96 hours after you receive it. A U.S. officer received $7,000. Don Elliot received $50,000 but lost it because he broke the chain. General Welch lost his life in the Phillipines six days after he failed to circulate the prayer. Send 20 copies and after you do, see what happens to you on the fourth day. Add your name to the bottom of the list and leave off the top name when copying the letter.

Published: The Bakersfield Californian (Bakersfield, California), May 21, 1977, p. 10.
Questions People Ask by Don Hopkins.
"I just received the following letter:  [text]  
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