Luck Chain Letter. Lottery-Death type. Experiences solicited. 30 names. US, 1975.


                 This chain that comes from Venezuela was written by St. Antonio
De Sidi  a Missionary from South America. Since the chain must make a tour of the world,
you must make twenty-four copies identical to this one and send it to your friends parents
or acquaintances. After a few days, you will get a surprise.  Constantine Visseo received
the chain in 1953. He asked his secretary to make twenty -four copies and send them.A few
days later he won the lottery of $ 2,000,000 in his country . Charles Brandt , an office
worker received the chain. He forgot it and lost it. Few days later he lost his job, He
found the letter, sent out twenty-four copies and nine days later he got a better job.
Zerim Berreball, received the chain , He did not believe in it and threw it away. Nine
days later he died. Ned Freidspm, an artists, tried this chain, within nine days he rec
eived a great deal of help on projects and a major exhibition in a big  museum. He added
these faces to the second chain he received , which he promply sent out  again .Frequently
people have received money. Don Elliot got $ 63,000,00 but lost it because he broke the ch
. Henrik  received a great message nine days after he received this letter. General Walsh
received the letter in the  Phillipines, received $ 7,775,000 but six days later lost his
life because he failed to circulate the chain.



                Trust in the Lord with all your heart and all will acknowledge that
he will light the way.

                This prayer has been sent to you for good luck, the original
came from the Netherlands. It has been around the world ten times. The luck has been
sent to you; you are to receive the good luck 4 days after you receive thei letter. It
is no a joke, you will receive it in the mail.
                Send twenty copies of this letter to people you think need it good
luck. Please do not send money do not keet this letter. It must leave within 96
hours, after you receive it. Please send twenty copies and see what happens the
4 day. After add your name to the bottom of this letter and leave off the top name
when coping  this letter, you may add information about what happens to you ever re
cieved this chain before.

Mary F. Folk, Jr.      Babbe Luck                  Daniel Mariece
Mary T [?]             Norma Villanueva            Del Hodges
Lisa Salsh             Loie Clark                  Elittit Maning
Luis B. Garner         Jose E. Jacobs              Franscisco Lirarraga
Patricia Paterson      Jacqueline Martin           Donald G. Acosta
Bruce Hennescy         S. Vallibar                 Jean Silvas
Susan Pino             Dr. Jose Eaidossweder       Norma Sepulveda
Mariana                Sara Gail Wittman           Helen Peralta
Jacqueline Tojalet     Antonio Goode               Mrs. Viola Torres
                                                   Alice Salcido
                                                   Emely Guzman
                                                  Mary Rodriguez

Photocopy (gen. 5+). Small typewriter font. Preston, 1976 - version B, type 4. Keystrokes preserved.  Sic "them.A", "promply", "ch" from "chain", "thei" for "their", "keet" for "keep".


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