Luck chain letter. Lottery-Death type. Two pages. "May Xerox." US, 1975.

                                       SAINT ANTOINE'S

This chain that comes from Venezuela was written by St. Antoine
de Sidi, a missionary from South America.  Since the chain must
make a tour of the world, you must make 20 copies* identical to
this one, and send it to your friends, parents or acquaintances.
After a few days, you will get a surprise.  Constantine Disco
recieved the chain in 1953.  He asked his secretary to make 24
copies and send them.  A few days later he won the lottery of
2,000,000.00 dollars in his country.  Carlos Brandt, an office
worker, received the Chain.  He forgot  it and lost it.  A few
days later he lost his job.  He found the letter, sent out 24
copies, and nine days later he got a better job.  Zerim Berres-
kelli received the Chain.  He did not believe in it and threw it
away.  Nine days later he died.  Ken Friedman, an artist, tried
the Chain.  Within nine days he received a great deal of help on
two projects and a major exhibition in a big museum.  He added
those facts to the second chain he received, which he promptly
sent out again.  Frequently, people have received money.  Ben
Elliott got 68,000.00 dollars but lost it because he broke the
Chain.  Henrjk Haye received a great message nine days after he
received this letter.  General Walsh received the letter in the
Phillipines, received 775,000.00 dollars but six days later lost
his life because he failed to circulate the Chain.
For no reason should this Chain be broken.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and all will acknowledge
that He will light the way.

This prayer has been sent to you for good luck:.the original
copy came from the Netherlands.  It has been around the world
10 times.  The luck has been sent to you:  you are to receive
the good luck four days after receiving this letter.  It is not
a joke.  You will receive it in the mail.  Send 20 copies of this
letter to people you think need good luck.  Please do not send
money.  Do not keep this letter.  It must leave within 96 hours
after you receive it.

                                     * may Xerox

[.................... second page ...............................]

Please send 20 copies and then see what happens the fourth day
after. Add your name to the bottom of this and leave off the top
name when copying this letter. You may add information about what
happened to you if you have received this Chain before.

///////////                        Lord Wilton
                                   Lady Dudley
Dolores Guiness                    Lady Jane Rayne
Dru Montagu                        Greta Fenston
Jane Irwin                         Fleur Meyer
Althea Barclay                     Denise Hale
Marie Frances Cosgrave             Jacqueline Peralta-Ramos
Charles Rischi                     Dolores E. Phelps
Mark Birley                        Regina J. Greeven
David Metcalf                      Anne Jordan
Katia Stucki-Soughayar             A. de Borchgrave
Robert Trout                       Florence and Tom Dozier
Lord Ashcombe                      Elizabeth Norall
                                   Helen Maixner
                                   Christine Smith
                                   Lynda Harrison

Late generation photocopy of typed original. Two pages. "May Xerox" footnote handwritten. Keystrokes preserved.  Preston "Version B - Text 1".  From Preston's article.


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