Luck chain letter. Death-Lottery type. Internal names. Proverbs title. Preston's A1. US, 1975.


This prayer has been sent to you for Good Luck. The original copy
came from the Netherlands.  It has been around the world nine times.
The luck has been sent to you.  You are to receive good luck within
4 days of receiving   this letter. This is no joke. You will receive
it in the mail.

Send 20 copies of this letter to people you think need good luck.
Please do not send money.  Do not keep this letter.  It must leave
you within 96 hours after you receive it.

An R.S. Officer received $70,000.  Don Elliott received $60,000.  but
lost it because he broke the chain.  While in the Philippines, Gen.
Walsh lost his life six days after he received the letter.  He failed
to circulate the prayer. However,  before his death he received
$775,000 which he won.

Please send 20 copies and then see what happens on the 4th day after.
Add your name to the bottom of this list and leave the top name off
when copying this letter.
                         W.D. Martin, Jr.         Buddy Deans    W. KIRYLO
                         Joseph H. Cristian       Billy Dean    R.Kirylo
                        E. Kendall Hines         Bob Wright
                         William D. Bailey        R. Schultz
Kattie J. Mills          Glenn R. Jernigan        B. Short
Victor E. Bolls, Jr.     Andy Andreson            E.L. Fricke
George Willoughby, Jr.   G.L. Blackwell           T. A. Dolighan
John E. Koonee           John L. West              D. A. Seibert
                                                   A. Pettelli
This chain comes from Venezeula, was written by St. Antino DeCadi, a
missionary from South America.

Since this chain must take a tour of the world, you must make 20 copies
identical to this one and send it to your friends, parents, parents,
acquaintances and after a few days you will get a surprise.  This is
true, even if you are not superstitious.

Take note of the following:

Constantino Dias received the chain in 1953. He asked his secretary to
make 20 copies and send them.  A few days later he won the lottery of
$2 Million dollars in his country.

Carlos Brandt, an office employee, received the chain. He forgot it and
lost it.  A few days later he lost his job. He found the chain and
sent it out to 20 people.  Nine days later he got a better job.

Zarin Barrachilli received the chain. Not believing it, he then threw
it away.  Nine days later he died.  For no reason whatsoever should
this chain be broken.  Make 20 copies and send them. In 9 days you
will get a surprise.

Late generation photocopy of typed original. Same letter as in Michael J. Preston, "Chain Letters," Tennessee Folklore Society Bulletin, V. 42, p. 1-14 (Version A - Text 1) . Sic "Venezeula", "parents, parents". Keystrokes preserved.


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