Luck chain letter. Lottery-death type. Experiences solicited. 23 names. US, 1975.

         This chain that comes from Venezuela was written by SAINT
         ANTONIA DI SODI, a missionary from South America.  Since this
         chain must take a tour of the world, You must make twenty copies
         identical to this one, and send them to your family, friends or
         aquaintances.  After a few days, you will get a surprise. Constantine
         Diso received the chain in 1953.  He asked his secretary to make 24
         copies and send them.  A few days later he won the lottery of alot
         of money in his country.  Carlos Brandt, an office worker, received the
         chain.  He forgot it and lost it.  A few days later he lost his job.
         He found the letter, sent it out, and nine days later, he found a better
         job.  Zerin Berreskalli received the chain, did not believe in it, and
         threw it awayNine days later he died.  Ken Freidman, an artist, tried
         the chain.  Within nine days he received a great deal of help on two
         projects and a major exhibition.  He added these facts to the second
         chain he received.  Frequently people have received money. Don Elliot
         got $6800.00 but lost it because he broke the chain.  H.H.received a
         great message nine days after he received the chain.  John Scott
         got a job offer within nine days of receiveing the chain for the first
         time.  General Walsh received a letter in the Phillipines. received
         $775,000.00, but six days later lost his life because he failed to
         circulate the chain.
              A PRAYER: Believe in living life to it's fullest extent and the light
within you will guide you.This prayer has been sent to you for good luck;the origin-
al copie came from the Netherlands;it has been around the world ten times.Luck has
been sent to you;you are to receive good luck within four days of receiveing this
letter;you will receive it in the mail.Send twenty copies of this letter to people
whom you think would cherish good luck.Don't send any money.Do not keep this letter.
It must leave within 96 hours after you receive it.
         Send twnety copies out, then see what happens the fourth day after. Add
your name to the bottom of this list, and leave off the top name when copying this
letter. You may add information about what happened to you if you received this
chain before.

                 Geoff Hendrike                    Daryl Chin
                 Ken Freidman                      Randy Rupert
                 J.S. Koenan                       James Dobner
                 Beke Laazlo                       Ronald Richardson
                 Janos Orban                       Michael Harris
                 ½ (N.A.D.)=N ??                   Lorna Ritz
                 Ken Freidman (2)                  John Max
                 Paul Di Martinis                  Michiko & Charles Gagnon
                 Rae Imamura                       Christopher Pratt
                 Marcia Nifulak                    John Scott
                 Carolea Schneeman                 Michael Taft
                                                   Janet Langlois


Photocopy of typed original. Some letters lost at left margin after prayer - reconstructed here. Keystrokes preserved.  Folded and mailed from St. John's Newfoundland on Feb. 6, 1975 to Janet Langlois, c/o Folklore Institute, Bloomington, Indiana. Sic "Antonia", "aquaintainces", "alot", "receiveing", "copie", "twnety"& many run together words. Single spacing after "Ken Freidman" - double before. "Janet Langlois" in green ink. Supplied by Prof. William Hansen, Bloomington.

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