Luck chain letter (published). Death20 type. 60 names. US, 1970.

Trust in the Lord with all your might, and always acknowledge Him and He will light your way.  [Make] twenty copies in four days [and send them to] friends you think need good luck. [Doing this guarantees you] Good Luck [which you] will receive in the mail on the fourth day. Cal Napak . . . while in the Philippines, lost his life because he failed to circulate the prayer. Don Elliot received $6,000 . . . [but] because he broke the chain he lost it and his life.
Says there are 60 or so names that also must be copied.

Saturday Review, July 25, 1970, "The Weakest Link" by John Boni. Says has a drawer full of chain letters. Years ago his mother got a chain letter that required only three copies. Feels 20 copies is exorbitant even in the age of Xerox. Describes chain letter sent four years ago with celebrity names on it (Agnes Moorehead, Larry Hagman, Barbara Eden, George Halas). Gives following variants of Cal Napak in his collection: Colonel Napak, Col Napak, Con Napke, Cal Nips, Corp Napak, Cal Napak (twice) , General Wasp.


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