Luck chain letter.  Outlier - sick girl "performs miracles."  "Don't put a stamp on it."  Canada, 1970.
This is a chain letter from Landers.  Someone sent me this and now I am sending it to you. Do the same for people you know.
This letter comes from a little, sick girl in Landers. Whoever breaks the chain will have neither luck nor happiness.
This has already happened. The sick girl performs miracles unexpectedly.
Happiness will befall you in 48 hours. This letter must not be destroyed or lost. Copy it seven times and send it to seven people.
Don't put a stamp on it. Observe what happens to you in 48 hours.

Published: The Ottawa Journal (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada). Jan. 21, 1970, p. 2.
Toronto (CP) - "Post office sorters Tuesday began removing from the mail hundreds of unstamped chain letters telling of miracles performed by a sick little girl.
  The letters, bearing the mark 6CFC instead of a stamp, predict good luck for hose who continue the chain and bad luck for those who break it.
Post office spokesman Douglas Baker said the letters, which contained instructions not to use a stamp, first appeared Monday and began to appear in volume Tuesday.
  Dozens of person complained they paid 12 cents to get the letters, mailed form Toronto.
Mr. Baker said some describe the girl as living in Toronto and others said she lived in Landers, 'wherever that is.' One letter read" [text].
  "What happens, Mr. Baker said, is that 'they gotta pay 12 cents'.
  Some letters are addressed to London, Ont., and Oshawa, others to Rochester and Cleveland in the United States.
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