Luck chain letter (published). Death20 type. Social context in article. US, 1969.

Think Prayer

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and all will acknowledge Him and He will light your way.

It has been sent for good luck, it started in the Netherlands and has been around the world nine times. The luck has been sent to you. You are to receive good luck four days after receiving this copy. This is no joke. You will receive it in the mail.

Send 20 copies of the letter to friends within four days. An Army officer received $7,000, Don Elliot received $60,000 but lost it because he broke the chain. General Wapah (Wapak) lost his life in the Philippines six days after receiving his copy. He failed to circulate this prayer. Before his death he received $775,000 ($775).

New York Times, July 2, 1968 (30:1). Headline: The Chain Letter, Back Again, Breaks Into Fashion and Society." By Marilyn Bender. Gives partial text of above prayer chain. This apparently had a senders list; names of socialites, designers, etc. are given. Documents immunization: "Many who have received several letters feel that they have discharged their duty and have satisfied the fates by passing on just 20 copies of the first one." "I got an unexpected gift after the first letter (of six), but now if I get any I throw them away." Documents apparent boom at the time. Also mentions: "executive vacation quickie," recipe chain, "Pyramid Clubs" of 1949, saving bonds chain of 1958, and three political chain letters. Says WWI doughboys originated the Good Luck chain.


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