Luck chain letter. "Luck by mail" type. List of 24 names. US, 1967?

The original copy of this letter came from the Netherlands.  The luck of
it has been around the world four times (sent by U.S. Officers).  The one
who breaks this chain will have bad luck.

Please copy this and see what happens to you in four days after you receive

Do not send money and do not keep this copy.  Send it and four others to
people whom you wish good luck.

It must leave your home twenty-four hours after you receive it.  General
Ashton received $6,000.00 only to lose it after breaking the chain.

You are to have good luck after receiving this.  This is not a joke.  You
will receive it by mail.

Insert your name at the bottom of this list, leaving off the top name.

                                 J. P.  Baird
                                 R. E. Rowland,  Jr.
                                 R. C.  Strain
                                 R. A.  Vonourza
                                 John Sinnott
                                 Warren T. Davis, Jr.
                                 George Von Hoffman
                                 Frank J. Meidel
                                 C. C. Johnson Spink
                                 Robert Hyland
                                 Oscar W. Rexford
                                 G. T. Guernsey, III
                                 V. York Hewitt
                                 C. D. Mill
                                 R. A. Young
                                 G. D. Frazier
                                 W. J. Berkley
                                 J. L. Wilson
                                 Hernando Courtright
                                 John Bowles
                                 Charles C. Shoemaker
                                 C. Chase Hoffman
                                 Wm. F. Hansen
                                 Wm. Hansen, Jr. and James Hansen

Photocopy of typed original, or possibly of a carbon copy. Keystrokes preserved. Dated from 1966 to 1968. Collected by William Hansen, at Sanger or Berkeley. Close to versions of 1954.


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