Luck chain letter (published). Death20 type. "Think a prayer." US, 1967.


"Trust in the Lord with all your might and always acknowledge Him and He always lights the way"

This prayer has been sent to you for good luck. The original copy came from the Netherlands. It has been around the world nine times. The luck has been sent to you. You are to receive good luck within the next four days after receiving this copy. Please do not send money. Do not keep this copy; it must leave in ninety-six hours after receiving it. A U.S.A. officer received $7,000; a general received $60,000, but lost it because he broke the chain. While in the Philippines a general lost his life six days after receiving his copy. He failed to circulate the copy. However, before his death he received $75,000 he had won. Please send twenty copies and see what happens on the fourth day.

 Saturday Review, Sept. 30, 1967. "Luck be a Prayer Tonight" by Goodman Ace. No mention of a senders list, but it probably had one.


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