Luck chain letter. "Luck by Mail" type but this with "big money" instead.  From "Holland".  Read Matthew 17:20. US, 1956.
Good Luck. The original copy of this letter came from Holland. Read Matthew, Chapter 17, verse 20 in your Bible. The luck of it has been sent to you. It has been sent around the world by officers. The one who breaks the chain will have bad luck. So copy this and see what happens to you in four days after you have received it. Send this copy and four others to those whom you wish good luck. Do not keep this copy and do not send money. It must leave your house 24 hours after you receive it. Jane Ruskin received $36,000 only to lose it all after breaking this chain. You are to have good luck four days after receiving it. This is not a joke. You will receive big money.

Published: The Winona Daily News (Winona, Minnesota), July 16, 1956, p. 2. THE CASUAL OBSERVER by Gretchen L. Lamberton. "How silly can people get? Last Friday in cleaning out a desk drawer I came upon a chain letter I had received ... on April 13."  "Written in greenish ink in longhand it read: [above text follows]. "In the past I've received some pretty silly chain letters but this one seemed unusually stupid and superstitious; also pretentious for quoting words of Jesus as a reason for writing five more copies of this nonsense."  Entered by DWV, July 23, 2014.


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