Luck chain letter. "Luck by Mail" type. Affirmation & Recycle. No bym.  Proverbs 3:5-6. US, 1952.

This prayer has been sent to
you for good luck. It has gone
around the world four times.
The one that brakes this chain
will have bad luck. Prayer
Trust in the Lord with all thine
heart and fear not unto thine
own understanding in all thy way
acknowledge him and he shall
direct thy path. Proverbs
Chapter 3:56. Please copy this
and see what happens to you
four days from now. Send this and
four other copies to those to
whom you wish good luck to

[........... second page ............]

Do not send any money and
do not keep this copy your
copies must be in the mail
no later than 24 hrs. after
you receive this. Its a
known fact that on the fourth
day one man received $7800
and $18000 by another you can
have good luck after you
receive and mail this prayer.
This is no joke, try and

Handwritten on two pages (archive has photocopy). Postmarked in Hampstead, M.D. on Aug. 16, 1954. No return address. Mailed to Mr. Earl W. Schultz Jr, Hampstead R.D.1, M.D. Lines preserved. Sic "brakes". Provided by the Archives of the Billy Graham Center. From the Papers of Earl Wesley Schultz, Jr., Box 4, Folder 42. Entered by DWV, 1/12/04.


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