Luck chain letter. "Luck by Mail" type, "Limited to Masons." 14  names. US, 1954.

Read Matthew, Chapter 7, Verses 1 to 20. The luck of this

has been around the world four times by us officers. The one

who breaks this chain will have bad luck. Please copy and

see what happens to you four days after sending this copy

and four more to some one you want to have good luck.

Limited to Masons. Don't send money, don't break the chain

and don't keep this copy. It must leave you within 24 hours.

General Dean received $15,000,000 and lost it after breaking

this chain. You are to have good luck four days after receiv-

ing it. This is no joke. You will receive it by mail. Write

your name at the bottom of the list.

                             Read your Bible!

                             Vernon W. Van Wyck
                             Ralph R. Watson
                             Edwin R. Wakefield
                             James D. Matthew
                             Andrew J. Hale
                             Roy W. Nixon
                             Chas. N. (Chuck) Mercer
                            John W. Graham
                              Joseph L. Chudy
                              Wayne Katila
                             Joe A. Gonzalez
                             Wm M. Little
                              Geo. H. Tyson
                     E. F. Foulke

Typed letter except last name in list signed in ink. Envelope mailed from Leucadia, California on April 16, 1954. Addressed to "Mr. Harrison Smith, Encinitas, Calif." No return address. Keystrokes preserved. Provided by Sherman P. Sackheim of Clearwater Florida to DWV.


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