Luck chain letter. "Luck by mail" type. "Read Saint Matthew." Quota 4 + 1. US, 1953.

   Read Saint Matthew 18, Verse 20, in your Bible. The
luck of it has been sent around the world four times by W. S.
officers. The one who breaks it will have hard luck. Please
copy this note and see what happen to you in four days
after receiving it. Send this copy and four others like it to
those who you wish good luck. Do not send money, and
do not keep this copy. It must leave your home 24 hours
after you receive it by mail. You will have good luck
four days after receiving this letter. This is not a joke,
you will receiving it by mail. Insert your
name at the bottom of the list and remove the top name.


[list of names deleted on photocopy]

Handwritten letter (archive has photocopy). Addressed to Mr. Gr. Earl S*, Hampstead, Md. Postmarked March 7, 1953 in Hampstead, MD. Return address blotted out and senders list removed on photocopy. Lines preserved. Provided by the Archives of the Billy Graham Center. Entered by DWV on 1/12/04.


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