Luck chain letter. Transitional from Luck of London. Transportational headers. Two testimonials. Edited. US, 1951.
                                             Transport Service
International Road
Washington, U. S. A.
The Luck of friends has been sent to you. It started in America and has been around the World twice. The one who Breaks it [will have bad luck]. See what happens on the fourth day. Send this letter and four copies to friends whom you wish Good Luck. Do not keep it. Do not Send any money. It must leave your in four days.
Dr. Bearnd won $918 after recieving this letter.
Mrs. Allen won $3000 and lost it by breaking the chain.
You will have Good Luck on the fourth day. Please send it away and you won't be sorry.
                      Good Luck.

Published: Joplin Globe (Joplin, Missouri), Sept. 19, 1951, p. 8. TO BOOST POSTAL RECEIPTS? "A Joplin resident turns in the latest chain letter phantasy, received this week from some anonymous 'friend,' reading as follows:" [text]    Entered by DWV, Aug. 13, 2014.


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