Luck chain letter.  Luck by Mail type. Lead: "United Air Lines Treasure" "General Arnold received 12,000 dollars."  US, 1950.
United Air Lines Treasure

The luck of cards has been sent to you. It has been around the world four times with an officer. The one who breaks this chain will have bad luck. Please copy this and see what happens four days after receiving this copy.
General Arnold received 12,000 dollars. General P. O. Hershey received $8,000 but lost it after breaking the chain. You are to have good luck four days after receiving this and no joke. You will receive it by mail. Good luck.

Published: Tipton Tribune (Tipton, Indiana), Jan. 16, 1950, p. 7.
Bloomington, Ind., Jan. 13 (INS) - "Postmaster George Purcell said today that a new chain letter craze involving only 'good luck' is just as illegal as earlier ones involving cash.
  Many residents of Bloomington have received the chain letters entitled "United Air Lines Treasure" for no apparent reason. The letters say:" [text]
 "Postmaster Purcell said that persons who obey the exhortation to send four copies to others will be violating a postal regulation to the effect that all chain letters, whether they contain money or not, are illegal.
  Morris Graves, superintendent of mails at Bloomington postoffice pointed out that even 'prayer chains' have been declared against the law by the post office department. He said that at one time it was the fad to send post cards with prayers on them in chain letter fashion."
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