Luck chain letter.  "Good Luck from London." Send four copies plus original. US, 1945.

            Good Luck from London.

   The good luck of London was
mailed to me and I am mailing
it to you.
        This letter was started by an
American Army officer.  It has been
around the world five times.  The
one who breaks it will have bad luck.
Copy this letter and see what happens to
you four days from now.  Send this copy
and four others to people you wish good
         Francis Field won $4,000 after
receiving it and T/4 Carr lost $2,000
for breaking the chain.
          You are going to have good
luck four days after receiving this letter.
          Don't keep it.  It must be
mailed within 24 hours.

Handwritten letter, ink, on 20.6 x 12.1 cm stationery (trimmed on right margin). Postmarked on Sept. 29, 1945 in Patchogue, N.Y. Addressed to Miss Henrietta, Medford Ave, Medford, N.Y. No return address. Lines preserved here. Part of Ebay lot 2110237813 provided by James Anderson, Duluth, MN. Entered by DWV on 6/22/02.


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