Luck chain letter. Blind13 type. Title: "A prayer for our nation." US, 1942.

"A prayer for our nation."
Oh! Lord be merciful on
us all, all nations. This
prayer must go all over
the world if you fail mis [?]
fortune will enter your
house, soon as you get
this card send to 13 persons
in 13 days great happiness
will enter your house. A
woman made fun of this
in 13 days her daughter
went blind. Don't let
this prayer be in your
  "God Bless us all."

Written in black ink on back of a picture postcard (Colorado St. bridge, Pasadena, California). Postmarked on Dec. 19, 1942 in Baltimore, Maryland. Sent to Miss Agnes Seller in Anderson, So. Carolina.  Ebay lot 1184691452 purchased by D. VanArsdale in 9/2001.  See Pittsburgh Press (1938).


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