Luck chain letter.  Blind13 type.  "Make peace among all nations."  "Do not let this prayer die in your heart and home."  US, 1941.
O Lord, Be merciful to us and all Nations. Make peace among all nations.  This prayer must go around the world. If you fail misfortune will come to your house. As soon as you receive this, copy and send to 13 persons. On the 13th day you will receive $167.
A woman made fun of this and on the 13th day her daughter went blind. Pay attention to this prayer and the Lord will bless you. Do not let this prayer die in your heart and home.

Published: Sheboygan Press, (Wisconsin)  April 23, 1941, p. 9.  Title: "Threat in Chain Letter is latest To Be Received." "The all-time high apparently has been established for dire threats in a current chain letter, one of which has dropped into the hands of police. The letter states:" Entered by DWV, Feb. 5, 2014.  


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