Luck chain letter. Flanders-Prosperity combined type. "The good luck of Flanders was sent to me ..." US, 1939.

The good luck of Flanders,
was sent to me and I
am sending it within
24 hours.This chain was
started by an American
Army Officer in Flanders
and is going around the
world four times, and
the one who breaks it
will have bad luck.
Copy this letter and see
what happens to you
four days after
mailing. Send this
letter and four others
to people to whom you
wish good luck. It will
bring you good luck.
Do not keep this letter-  
it must be mailed

------------- page break ----------

within 24 hours after
receiving it. Mrs.
Ambrose received
$4,000.00 four hours
after mailing it. Mrs.
Fields received $5,000.00
within $5,000.00 five
hours after mailing it.
Mr. Nrevain broke the
chain and lost everything
he had. Here is definite
proof for the good luck
prayers.This brings
prosperity to you four
days after mailing. Do
send any money.
Cross out the top and
put yours at the bottom.
G. S. Caeser
    Chicago Ill.
Author Hill    Charlestown W.V.

---------------- page break -----------

P. W. Tibbets  Fort Worth, Texas
A. F. Baldus        "                "
T, W. De Zonie  Lexington, Ky.
Claude E. Brown   Joplin, Mo
T.S. Reese   Wichita, Kansas
W. P. Hicks    Tulsa, Oklahoma
Duncan Mo Rae   "  
J. C. Ritter      Dallas, Texas
H. O. Hooker    Nacogdoches, Texas
E. O. Seamans   Lufkin, Texas
Clark Crary     Houston, Texas
Jack Phelps    Harlingen, Texas
Flip Silver            "           "
Pat Northrup    San Antonio, Texas
Keith Gerstner   San Antonio, Texas
Susie Helton     Muldoon, Texas

 Envelope postmarked in Muldoon, Texas on Dec. 23, 1939. Addressed to Miss Sophie Geffert, York Town, Texas. No return address. Written in pencil on one side of three lined sheets, 8" by 5". Lines preserved. Sic $5,000.00 duplicated. Purchased on eBay. Entered by DWV, June 27, 2018.


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