Luck chain letter. Flanders type with Prosperity below. Controlled list of 6 names & towns. Penciled notes on back.  US, 1939.

The good luck of Flanders was sent to me and I am
sending it within twenty four hours. This chain was
started by an American Officer in Flanders and is
going around the world four times- and one who breaks
it will have bad luck. Copy this letter and see what
happens to you four days after mailing. It will bring
you good luck. Send this copy and four others to
people you wish good luck. Do not keep this letter.
It must be in the mail twenty four hours after receiving it.

Mrs. Gay Field received $5000, five hours after mailing.

Mrs. Ambrose received $4000, four hours after mailing.

Mr. Nevin broke the chain and lost everything he had.

Here is definite proof for the good luck sent prayers.

Good luck to you and trust in God. He who suffers our

This brings prosperity to you in four days after mailing.

Do not send money. Cross the top name off and put yours
at the bottom.

Typed letter (original). Penciled dates (8-1-39) on the back place its circulation in 1939-08-01 or earlier. Letter was kept to make money records on back from at least 8-1-39 to 8-16-39. These do not appear to be money received from the letter, especially since the letter declares "Do not send money." The first two names in list of names and cities were "X" ed out. Last two names may be in a different type. Keystrokes preserved. Provided by J. Barr‚ Metaine, La. to Daniel VanArsdale.


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