Luck chain letter.  Blind13  "Chain of St. Anthony"  "Another woman made fun of this and her daughter went blind."  US, 1936.
Chain of St. Anthony
This chain must go around the world. It has been started by a sentimental person. You send it to 13 persons and wish them joy, prosperity and good fortune.
As soon as you receive this copy make one like it and send it to a friend, even out of the city. Make one every day for 13 days and you will receive unexpected grace. Be sure you mail this, and say the Apostles' Creed for 13 days.
A woman did this and on the thirteenth day received a letter containing $26. Another woman made fun of this and her daughter went blind. Another woman did not do this and her home and family were destroyed. Pay good attention to this and you will enjoy health and prosperity.

Published: Shamokin News-Dispatch (Shamokin, Pennsylvania), 5 June 1936, p. 3. Looking Around column, title: Superstition. "Chain letters have made their appearance again, and a friend has passed one along to me for examination. The letter is topped with the caption, "Chain of St. Anthony," and reads as follows." Entered by DWV, May 22, 2014.  


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