Luck chain letter.  Prosperity.  Edited.  "This brings prosperity in nine days." Copy quota six.  US, 1935.

In God we trust, who supplies all our needs.  Six others have kept it.


Copy the above. Omit the first name and add your won to the end of the list.  Send to six persons whom you wish to prosper.
The chain was started by an American colonel and must be in the mail within 24 hours after receipt.
Mrs. A. won $10,000 on Irish Sweepstakes.
S. H. received $300 five days after this was sent.
Mrs. H. broke the chain and lost all she had.
This Brings prosperity in nine days.

Published: The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York), p. 12.  Advice by Helen Worth. "The Chain's Broken"  "Dear Helen Worth - Here is a Prosperity Chain:" See also le1934-04-12p1_Pr_force_HWorth.  Entered by DWV, May 20, 2014.


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