Luck chain letter. Prosperity type. Published - partial. Titled: "Prosperity Club".  Canada, 1934.

Prosperity Club

[ I was instructed to copy the names, omitting the first and adding my own.]

[I was to copy the rest of the letter and send the copies, within 24 hours, to five people I wished to see prosper.]

[The chain was started by an American colonel during the war and had already circled the globe five times.]

I. M. Stanfield received 32,000 pounds  (sterling) nine days after receiving.
Mrs. Anderson got 7,000 pounds.
Mrs. Holmes broke the chain and lost all she possessed.

[The letter brought prosperity nine days after it was received.]

From The Winnipeg Tribune, 18 Dec. 1934, p. 9.  Column: Tribune Trumps by V.V.M.
Found using Earliest known example of title: "Prosperity Club". Possibly a Hyatt variation, but the contents of the list are not specified, and circumnavigation is retained. It is not known if the Send-a-Dime letter title "Prosperity Club" was copied from some Prosperity letter like the above. English Send-a-Dime letters also had copy quota five instead of six and for US Send-a-Dime.  See Winnipeg Tribune, Dec. 5, 1934 for more on Prosperity Club.
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