Luck chain letter.  Prosperity type.  Edited.  "This chain has a definite force ..."  Helen Worth column. Quota nine. US, 1934.
We trust in God who supplies all our needs.


Copy the above names, adding yours to the list and omitting the first, send to nine persons.
This was started by an American colonel and must be mailed in 24 hours after receiving.
Mrs. S received $3,000 nine days after receiving this.
Mrs. H broke this chain and lost all she possessed.

This chain has a definite force to all who repeat these words. This will bring prosperity nine days after mailing.

Published: The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York), p. 14.  Advice by Helen Worth. "three of these have reached me within the last month and if figures do not lie probably many more will.  Having long since passed the impressionable years, the direct threat of evil fortune they all contain affects me not one whim. Into the trash basket they instantly go."   See Helen Worth column with another Prosperity chain letter from 13 March 1935. Entered by DWV, May 20, 2014.


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