Luck chain letter.  Fortune Chain.  Given by Helen Worth. "It might bring you bad luck."  Quota nine. US, 1933.
  Good luck and good heath. Continue this chain. Make nine copies and send them to nine persons of the most intelligent among your friends to whom you wish happiness. This chain was started by an American general in Flanders in the American artillery. It must go round the world three times. Forward it, if possible, within 24 hours of acceptance. Do not break this chain. It might bring you bad luck. during the nine days after you send it, a happy event is going to take place and fill you with joy. These predictions are always true. If you take this as a joke and do not send out the copies correctly bad luck will befall you.  Mr. Harress of Victoria on the ninth day won the big prize of 200,000 lire. Mr. Wilson's house was destroyed on the ninth day, due to not taking notice seriously of this chain. Mr. Weise of Lisbon lost his only son three days after receiving the chain without forwarding copies. Mr. May and Mr. John won $2000,000. Pola Negri owes her fortune to having carried out these instructions in the most conscientious way.

Published: The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York), May 3, 1933, p. 14.  CHAIN LETTER IDEA SHOULD BE DENOUNCED. Helen Worth column. "Dear Helen Worth - A few days ago the inclosed letter came to me:" [text] "Now, I'm not in the least afraid of chucking the absurd thing in the waste basket. But the friend who sent it to me telephoned to inquire if it had reached me safely, and grew almost hysterical because I said it was a fool thing. What do you say?  A. A."
 "My dear 'A. A.'
 No words can be unduly strong when used to denounce this letter, and the entire chain letter idea. I have seen this particular one at least five times in the last ten years."  "It should be made a criminal offense to send these threatening letters through the mail. They have been denounced by rabbis, priests and ministers, and derided by many prominent writers. And yet they keep in circulation!"
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